The superior glass hazard solution

that’s been tested and proven worldwide.

High-tenacity Safetydrape protects against blast debris and easily installs in any building.

Technical Overivew

Safetydrape® Blast Curtain System is used in new and older buildings worldwide because it is the only glass hazard mitigation system that is not solely dependent on anchorage.

Safetydrape® stands apart from competing technologies because Safetydrape® does not rely on specialized anchorage. Safetydrape® has been rigorously tested to perform in any wall or substrate imaginable. In contrast, competing technologies are often made to meet blast criteria in blast resistant test structures that have anchorage capabilities far beyond what is found in any typical commercial or historic building.

Safetydrape® is made to mitigate glass hazards in the typical office building, commercial, or residential structure. In other words, Safetydrape® works in any building. To find out how it does this, contact us for CAD drawings and detailed test information or download a brochure here.


Our proprietary fabric Defender II is made of high tenacity polyester for long life and superior strength:

» guaranteed for 20 years even through a wide variance of temperature and environmental conditions.

» made in the USA: fibers are spun and manufactured in the U.S.

» standard colors include winter white and silver.

» thousands of colors and patterns to match just about any decor imaginable.

Contact us for samples or to schedule an appointment to discuss your color needs.


» Standard troughs are made of Kynar painted 24 gauge galvanized steel (as used in the roofing industry), and carry a 30-year factory warranty. Standard metal finishes include Sandstone, Bone White, Stone White, Classic Green, Musket Gray, and Dark Bronze.

» We can fabricate custom trough profiles to match your architectural décor using materials such as extruded aluminum, custom woods, and bronze. Contact us to request a swatch board.

Anchorage Hardware

Anchorage hardware has been engineered and tested as a system.

» All components are zinc coated for long life.

» The system can be anchored into any wall substrate or window sill.

» Safetydrape® can coexist with mini blinds or window shades.

» CAD drawings are available upon request.

Safetydrape® is not reliant on the strength of the anchorage!

Unlike other glass hazard mitigation products, Safetydrape® is not dependent on anchorage. Safetydrape® vents the pressure instead of relying on brute force to keep the blast from entering. When an external explosion or bomb blast occurs, the curtain billows out, allowing the pressure to vent while the curtain catches the lethal flying glass shards. Minimal stress is transferred to the anchoring hardware.

This photograph was taken inside our test structure during a Force Protection Equipment Demonstration (FPED). Live charges were set off and the audience visited the test structure after the explosion.

The Safetydrape® was anchored with #8 2” zinc plated steel screws into 3/4” plywood. This track and bracket assembly was subject to over 20 blasts which exceeded 55 psi. The holes for the screws were never changed.

Take advantage of our exclusive liability coverage under the DHS SAFETY Act. Let our engineers and certified installers design the correct anchorage system for your facility and leave the burden of liability on our shoulders. Contact us to talk about how to install Safetydrape® in your facility.

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