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High-tenacity Safetydrape protects against blast debris and easily installs in any building.

About Safetydrape®

Safetydrape® protects lives worldwide from the White House to Afghanistan. Governments and civilians alike trust Safetydrape®. Invented in 1991 by company CEO Craig Schwartz, we have been providing this system for over 20 years. Safetydrape® is independently tested. This blast mitigation product meets and exceeds the GSA’s glass hazard requirement, as well as the DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings (UFC 4-010-01).

Safetydrape® is a patented drapery system designed to mitigate flying glass shards and debris caused by a bomb blast. The product protects lives by venting intense blast loads while safely capturing deadly flying projectiles. Designed in response to the statistic “80-85% of injuries sustained during a blast event can be attributed directly to glass shards,” (Glass, 2003)* Safetydrape® has rapidly grown to be a global facility protection system. Clients include the U.S. Armed Forces, a range of civilian agencies, the General Services Administration and foreign governments, as well as the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Safetydrape® system includes the drape, anchorage hardware and a trough which is placed at the sill of the window for holding the additional length of drape necessary for the operation of the system. Pressure from a blast unfurls the drape from the trough to create an envelope that captures flying debris. Once the blast pressure dissipates, the drape deposits the glass shards and debris on the floor at the base of the window.

Safetydrape® has been subjected to numerous in-house and independent tests using ANFO, C4, and dynamite explosive charges. These tests were conducted at numerous standoff distances, with various glass types and charge weights to validate the limits of the product. Calculations using ATBlast Software by Applied Research Associates indicate that loads in the range of 4 to 55 psi were placed at the face of the glass. Detailed test results are available upon request.

*Glass, S. J., 2003. Assessment, Development, and Testing of Glass for Blast Environments, Albuquerque, New Mexico: SandiaNational Labs.

Protect Windows with Blast Curtains

Windows are the most vulnerable parts of any building. Even if you choose to construct windows of bullet-proof glass, the frame of the window cannot hold up to a bomb blast, so the glass panel blows into the room. Mitigation Technologies offers blast mitigation solutions, allowing you to enjoy safety and security, even in the most dire situations. Our bomb blast curtains are designed to provide protection against flying glass, the single most lethal part of an explosion, causing over 80% of death and injuries caused by a blast.

Easy Installation

When you are looking for protection, you want something that will be effective without creating a lot of time to install and or structural upgrades. Our blast curtain system is designed to install easily into any building, providing your employees and anyone else inside the building with the necessary protection against the effects of flying glass. These bomb blast net curtains hang in a similar fashion to many of the other curtains you may hang, yet they offer additional protections your typical curtains can’t offer. A typical installation by our certified installers takes under 30 minutes per window.

Designed for Longevity

The cost of blast mitigation is often one of the biggest concerns companies and government organizations have. The protection is necessary, but the cost makes it important to find a solution that lasts. Our blast curtain system is guaranteed for 20 years and is by far the most economical way to save the most lives.

Anchorage & Hardware

Safetydrape® is the only glass hazard mitigation product that does not rely on the anchorage to the wall to be effective. In this video, Safetydrape® was anchored with #8 – 2” zinc plated steel screws into 3/4” plywood​.

Mitigation Technologies is the exclusive manufacturer and patent holder for Safetydrape® blast curtains. All components are factory original parts, and are recyclable. Our blast curtains ship as a complete life-saving system, including all components and hardware required for installation.

The History of Safetydrape®

In 1990, as troops were being deployed to Saudi Arabia for the Gulf War, Craig Schwartz saw a news report stating that 85% of death and injury from a bomb blast occurs because of flying glass and debris (Glass, 2003).* Determined to help curb blast injuries and save lives, Mr. Schwartz set about creating Safetydrape®.

The research and development process began in an old rock quarry near Baltimore, Maryland. Our first tests using live explosives met with moderate success. This success encouraged us to make further adjustments to the combination of fiber, construction, attachment systems, weights and manufacturing techniques. Constant adjustments through an exhaustive research and testing process perfected the capacity of Safetydrape® to retain glass shards and remain intact.

Safetydrape® was clearly a viable life saving product, but the Safetydrape® team was way ahead of the U.S. government which wasn’t ready for Safetydrape® yet. Eager to help save lives, we began working with the government of the United Kingdom, as well as opening offices in Kuwait following the Gulf War. Finally in 1997 the GSA established criteria for testing glass hazard mitigation products and we knew that the time was right for Safetydrape® in the U.S. We retested Safetydrape® to prove that it would pass the newly established GSA criteria. Based on successful testing of the GSA standards, we were ready to bring Safetydrape® to the US Federal Government for use both domestically and abroad.

From these rough and low-tech beginnings, Mitigation Technologies has become a rapidly expanding company with a worldwide dealer network linked through proprietary software. We have expansive manufacturing capacity, and are capable of providing Safetydrape® to meet all of our customers’ needs, while remaining focused on integrity and continual innovation.

* Glass, S. J., 2003. Assessment, Development, and Testing of Glass for Blast Environments, Albuquerque, New Mexico: SandiaNational Labs.

What the Experts Say

“Windows protected with daylight application of film MUST use a blast curtain.”

— U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command

“FRF must be used with blast curtains.”

— Steven M. Bryant (State Dept) > AT Assistance Program: Preventing Attacks on Soft Targets (PAST)

“….application of film thus may actually increase lethality by holding the glass sheet together…causing more severe blunt trauma.”

— Karagozian & Case > *To Film Or Not To Film: Effects Of Anti-Shatter Film on Blunt Trauma Lethality*

“Based on years of comparative blast testing… I’d have to say that the phrase ‘security film’ is an oxymoron.”

— Dr. H. Scott Norville > ASTM Blast Test Developer

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