The superior glass hazard solution

that’s been tested and proven worldwide.

High-tenacity Safetydrape protects against blast debris and easily installs in any building.

SAFETY Act: U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Approved Product

Safetydrape® is the only SAFETY Act approved glass hazard mitigation product available and it offers these benefits:

  • Zero liability: Distributors, architects, engineers, and specifiers of Safetydrape® as well as building owners and customers who have Safetydrape® properly installed are likely to have zero liability due to death or injury related to glass in a terrorist event. The manufacturer, Mitigation Technologies (dba MitiTech LLC), becomes the sole entity that can be sued. Read more about how you are protected, below.
  • Significant injury reduction: In a bomb blast, glass is likely to cause death or injuries to 85% of building occupants. Safetydrape® greatly reduces that risk.
  • SAFETY Act coverage: No other glass mitigation product has SAFETY Act coverage.
  • Certified as a “Qualified Anti-terrorism Technology”
  • A DHS “Approved Product List for Homeland Security”
  • Insurance discounts: Many insurance agents offer discounts based on the limited liability of the SAFETY Act. Ask your insurance agent about discounts.
  • 67% of terrorist attacks are bombings. [FBI Publication # 0308 1980-2001 domestic]
  • 57% of terrorism targets were civilian/commercial. [FBI Publication # 0308 1980-2001 domestic]
  • 85% of the injuries to people in a blast are from glass. [Sandia National Laboratories]

Our commitment to liability protections

Mitigation Technologies (also known as MitiTech LLC) has pursued liability protections from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to benefit our customers. Mitigation Technologies was awarded coverage under a federal law, the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology (SAFETY) Act. As explained below, the tort protections provided by Mitigation Technologies’ SAFETY Act coverage include dramatically lower liability risks for both Mitigation Technologies and its customers should a future act of terrorism occur.

The SAFETY Act was established to protect sellers of anti-terror products or services approved by the DHS from incurring any liability associated with or resulting from a terrorist attack. These tort protections extend to the seller, its vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, specifiers and customers should a future act of terrorism occur where a SAFETY Act approved technology has been purchased and deployed. In any lawsuits following an act of terrorism where it is alleged that a SAFETY Act approved technology or service failed to prevent the act of terrorism, liability is non-existent. Customers of anti-terror technologies or services will not enjoy this protection if they buy a similar technology or service that has not been SAFETY Act approved.

Mitigation Technologies is proud to be the first blast mitigation technology of its type to be awarded SAFETY Act coverage from the DHS. Since Mitigation Technologies’ Safetydrape has been approved, by the DHS, the company and its customers are well positioned to avoid catastrophic liability claims. Should you have any questions about this significant development for Mitigation Technologies, its dealers, and its customers, please contact Craig Schwartz, Managing Member, directly at 800-616-ATFP (2837).

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