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325998, 541611, 238990, 541690, 325510, 561521, 238390, 928110, 314999, 339999, 339113, 336400

• DHS Safety act approved

• UFC 4.010-01

• TM5-853 Vol.1 & Vol.2 Security Engineering Manual

• PBS P100 Chapter 8 Security Design

• ASTM F1642

Unit cost dependent on SOW.

Available worldwide.

Past Performance:

» Over 2000 installations

» All branches US DoD

» The White House Complex

» Petroleum industry

» British Government

» Australian Government

» Amtrak

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Our technologies have been used worldwide to harden structures and vehicles against blast and ballistic threats. Our products and services can be found worldwide saving lives, and providing safety, comfort, and peace of mind.


» To develop and deploy life saving technologies that are best in class and save the most lives for the least cost.

» To manufacture Made In America products and support American jobs.

» To support our troops and always look to hire from the talented pool of veterans as we expand.


Safetydrape® is a patented bomb blast curtain designed to mitigate glass shards propelled by an explosion. Safetydrape® has been subjected to extensive testing using various types of explosives. The mesh allows Safetydrape® to effectively mitigation glass shards through a wide range of blast pressures without having to reinforce or restructure the existing window frames, anchorages, or buildings.

TAP Barrier® System is a Temporary Anti-Personnel barrier developed under BAA13-Q-3025 in conjunction with the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office/Technical Support Working Group (CTTSO/TSWG) in response to a desire at the Department of State to add a layer of security to US embassies world wide. TAP Barrier® Systems are manufactured in Pennsylvania from components manufactured in the USA.

Mitigation Technologies specializes in assessing and assisting clients in securing high value facilities and critical assets. Vulnerabilities are one of the biggest challenges facing organizations both domestically and globally. Our in depth assessment process allows us to identify and all potential modes of attack and work with our clients to mitigate such vulnerabilities.  Our team of professionals have all been trained the Department of Defense in the areas of Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Assessment, Risk Analysis, Risk Management and Mitigation.

Mitigation technologies is a trusted source for designing, fabricating, and deploying custom one off solutions for military and industrial fragmentation control, blast resistant retrofits, and anti-terrorism efforts.  We develop innovative ideas and prototypes requested by agencies and organizations from the Pentagon to DuPont. Our years of experience allow us to think out of the box to develop cost effective solutions for any threat or environment.

Mitigation Technologies develops and deploys innovative life-saving security solutions.

We are a standoff reduction company that offers mitigation against anticipated threats and vulnerabilities. In addition to our Safetydrape® Blast Curtains and industrial foreign object mitigation systems, we also offer threat assessments and custom designed engineered solutions. We continue to expand our product line to offer solutions that effectively protect and save the most lives for the least cost.

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